Einhorn & Brötzmann

Real Estate law firm Branding & Website - Case Study


Real Estate x Law firm

Einhorn & Brötzmann is a newly created Germany-based law firm that is offering legal services in the real estate field.

To create a cohesive brand, they needed to define properly what their brand should reflect, who are their ideal customers and what they need to do to attract them.

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Modern visual identity to reflect brand vision & essence.

We begin with your discovery session to find out many crucial aspects of the brand (brand attributes, user profiles & journey and much more). After the discovery, we created a brand roadmap together with a marketing strategy that they can start using to attract their ideal customers.

In addition to the strategy part, we created a visual identity that reflects their brand essencea credible, accurate &competent law firm offering top-class services. Strategy together with visuals creates a connected brand that reflects its values, commitment and professionalism to its customers.

Brand visuals included a logo, alternative logo, business cards, marketing collateral, brand guide, social media assets and many other smaller design elements that their business needed.

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