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Chireale Immobilien Branding & Website - Case Study


Chireale Immobilien

The current case study is concept work for a real estate agency in Germany. For agencies and brokers, being professional and having a good first impression is vital to stand out in a crowded market.

Considering this, having a united brand and brand elements together with a modern & responsive website is a must-be - making your brand memorable, acquisition of new customers easier and the whole team more united. This case study shows a new brand visual identity and a complete dynamic website for Chireale Immobilien.


From idea to converting brand & website.

After brand discovery (to realize what the Chireale brand is about, what it stands for, who are the main customers, where they want to reach with their company etc.), work started to create a compelling brand visual identity and website.

Brand identity includes 2 different variations of logo + symbol which can be used in many different cases (profile pictures, favicons, stickers etc.). In addition to this, multiple marketing materials were made. For the website, there were 4 main requirements: needs to be responsive and work with every device, modern, emphasises the right things for users and last but not least, dynamic - meaning it has to be easy to use for the company.

The new website is done in Webflow -  which makes making changes (changing all the texts, team members, offices, adding and removing new objects) very easy for the company management. Also, the website has a clear Call-to-Action on every page and is responsive - making it easy to use also on mobiles and tablets.

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