8 reasons why we use Webflow for our web projects

Margus Veeber
Margus Veeber
May 27, 2019

In addition to brand visual design, a webpage is the second most popular "thing" our clients need.

When previously we used mostly Wordpress, then now things have changed. Looking at the global web development and design market, Webflow has been caught my eyes for many years already. I have had the possibility to witness their growth, be always up to date with their product, developments, future plans, teams etc. And trust me, they are doing a great job.

Webflow gives so many possibilities to create unique, effective and well-working websites which our clients can benefit easily (SEO friendly, fast, cost-efficient, easy to make changes and so on).

But still, why Webflow? I will bring out the main points on why Webflow is the best option for our clients and also for us.

More efficient

Because of Webflow, our customers do not need to hire web designers, then web developers (and make sure that communication works well within two of those - which usually makes things quite time-consuming). With Webflow, we are able to design and develop the website easily, even faster and make sure that when in the future page needs some addition/updates, those can be done quickly. Also, when customers need to make some small changes on the webpage (for example, change some text like slogan, information or add some up-to-date pictures), it can be done very easily by themselves (read more about Editor below). If the page needs some bigger changes, there's again no need to hire a designer and developer.


Webflow uses CDN (content delivery network - more info here) which will make your page load fast no matter where the customer is located.

With Webflow own words:

"Webflow Hosting gives you access to the fastest and most scalable hosting technology for your business. When you publish with Webflow, your files are distributed across the globe in a content distribution network (CDN) powered by Fastly and Amazon CloudFront. Which means fast page loads for all your visitors — no matter where they come from."

See more: https://webflow.com/hosting

All this makes sure that your webpage is always fast - which also ensures that Google ranks your websites better.


Because Webflow does not include any kind of plugins and you don't need to constantly update them and the platform yourself, there is no risk of being vulnerable to different attacks (which happens A LOT with Wordpress because customers do not update their plugins often enough).

With Webflow, customers do not need to deal with any kind of updates - everything is covered by Webflow. Also, with Webflow, SSL comes as a standard. SLL certificates are added for every site, making sure your site is fully secured and also adding the SEO benefits that today's business owners expect.


We create and develop webpages in Webflow from scratch - no templates. This way we are able to create fully unique and stunning real estate webpages that will help to grow our clients business, gives a good impression for customers and will be easy to use. And of course, easy to make changes to adapt with business-needs.

With Webflow, we have an opportunity to create unique experiences for our clients and their customers.

No need for plugins

Webflow does not need any plugins - no need to download new plugins, update them constantly, worry that too many of them will make page slower, no security risk caused by third-party plugins etc. Shorty, big advantage. SEO (search-engine-optimization) etc are all included in Webflow.

Easy to use for customers

Webflow editor is super intuitive and easy to use for our clients. They are able to change all the text, images and also add CMS items (for example, blog posts, portfolio elements, new team members etc) with ease)

More information about the editor can be found here: https://webflow.com/editor.

PS! For our clients, when we deliver the webpage, we always do the onboarding for the Editor so they can know how to make quick changes.

Very flexible CMS

Webflow CMS helps us to create very flexible CMS collections (blog posts, team members, services etc). It is possible to create fully unique, client-fitting pages that will include all the necessary details. And in addition to this, it's super easy for clients to add new CMS elements - just fill up all the necessary blocks that your CMS elements needs (for example, to add new team member, just add picture, name, position and contact details - and automatically your webpage will be updated with new team member). No bloated page builders, trying to understand how to change something, then messing up the page and so one. Super easy for our client - no hassle with adding new blog posts, portfolio element, team members and so on).

Future growth.

Webflow is growing every day. They are working hard to add new features, make the platform even better and more efficient.

As you can see, Webflow can make things much easier, better and flexible. Of course, Webflow has a lot to improve, but luckily they are working hard every day to do that (based on their own customers' wishlist and request). Being inside the "field", I can see that Webflow is definitely one of the products that will go really big in the future.

Get more familiar with Webflow: https://webflow.com

PS! Yes, veebermedia website is also built with Webflow :)

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