Branding of real estate developments – why it matters?

Margus Veeber
Margus Veeber
March 26, 2019

Currently, when real estate market is booming again in a lot of places (Berlin is a very good example) and new houses keep rising, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your real estate development project will stand out and will achieve business goals.

To make that happen, you need to brand your development properly.

Let’s talk more about the reasons and ways how to achieve that.

How can well-thought branding help to sell real estate developments?

Effective property branding can add value by helping developers target the right consumers, meet commercial and business objectives (for example, selling to the customers who understands the value of the apartments and don’t complain about the price; also sell faster because of better targeting) and breathe new life into the property market by bringing differentiation to the real estate sector and city landscape.

“Property branding lives on even when all the apartments/offices are sold/rented out.”

And doing just a logo and brochure doesn’t help to achieve that.

Target customers

For example, if you want to sell high-end apartments (which are expensive!), you need to understand what kind of design, messaging and tone of voice will be suitable for your target clients; what makes them desire that?

What are their goals/motivation and how can you help them to achieve these? How can you make it look interesting for them? What are the demographics and psychographics of your target customers?

Why should they buy that kind of expensive apartment? Do they want to show their status? Do they value privacy and security? Do they want a luxury lifestyle?


All that kind of details matter and together with desired brand attributes (that we help you to find) it can be reflected through messaging and design. When we facilitate a discovery session together with our clients, we dive much deeper into brand attributes, customer profiles and strategies to find answers and create captivating solutions for everything that is needed.

Strategy & Design

When we have found answers to all the questions about the brand, found out correct target market, then we can start working on the messaging, tone and voice, see what marketing channels should be used and of course, create a design that fits with the tone and voice which together with on-point messaging, can “speak” with its target customers.

Design elements that can be used as an effective branding tool can be a logo, marketing materials (brochures, magazines, social media files), website, indoor and outdoor signage, ads, banners etc. But notice, these design elements are only one part of the whole branding.

“If all the design elements are based on cohesive brand strategy and messaging, they are going to be very powerful and will help to achieve business goals much faster.”


As you can see, it takes some time and work to create impressive and powerful real estate branding. But at the end, it’s worth the investment.

Just like with building new houses, quality matters. And when you have an opportunity to make your mark, do it properly – do it meaningfully.

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