MRTA Logistics GmbH | CASE STUDY

MRTA Logistics offers transportation and logistics services in Europe. They turned to us to get clarity and a new direction for their brand.

One of their main problems were lack of focus regarding their target customer base. They were offering many different services for new customers, but it was hard to grasp what are their main offerings and strengths. They also didn’t have united brand identity that they can use across the different channels and applications to be memorable for people.


To help them to solve their business problems, we started facilitating our discovery session to get to know main brand values and attributes, following with user profiles to find out who are current customers and which of them align with their brand values.

We also dived deeper into their brand, finding out their strengths and weaknesses, their history and story in the logistics field etc.


After our discovery session, we were able to distil out three main brand attributes that were the most important to the owners and that also reflects their ideal brand the best way. From brand attributes, we were also able to start creating the base for messaging and brand voice. Connecting strategy, messaging and design the brand can go a long way.


Rebranding MRTA Logistics didn’t involve only redesigning their visuals. It’s much more than that. To make a real difference in business, we defined different business goals and prioritized them – enabling owners to focus on the things that create needed results. In addition to this, it was important to focus on different cost-related decisions which play a massive role in the logistics industry.

“Using the strategic framework to define and prioritize customer & business needs, defining their brand and creating tangible results & designs that are based on strategy, creates game-changing clarity and tools for business owners.”

– Margus Veeber | Brand Strategist @ VeeberMedia


The project involved creating brand visuals and identity system that can be used in many different situations and applications.

The design is influenced by the main brand attributes, making sure that their brand essence, messaging and design work together well.

Below you can see different design usage examples.

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