HACKL | Premium Autohaus CASE STUDY

HACKL is German-based premium-class auto dealer specializing mainly on German and Italian luxury cars.

The reason why they turned to us was that they felt their current brand visuals didn’t reflect their business well – their logo and other visuals were outdated and not connected with their current (and ideal) customers. In addition to this, they weren’t sure how to market and brand themselves to the perfect clients.


At the beginning of the project, before designing deliverables, we did our strategy and discovery session with HACKL team. Goal of this was to get to know the brand, discover their brand true nature, ideal users (and ways how to reach to them) and overall, get a needed information and new bits of information to create a branding roadmap that would help them to grow their brand and lead the way in the future.


Rebranding HACKL Autohaus involved also finding out their business goals and ways how to achieve them through branding and design. Our goal was to create a branding roadmap that enables owners to achieve the business goals we set during the discovery session.

“If you want to ask premium prices, you need to look and act premium.”

– Margus Veeber / CEO & Brand Strategist @ VeeberMedia


Logo design is inspired by the luxury style, automotive details and business name.


The project involved creating brand visuals and identity system that HACKL can use throughout their business (marketing materials, business cards, interior design details, signage,  patterns for different uses etc).

Design together with their brand tone and voice reflects their brand premium essence. As told before, one of the business objectives was to be perceived as a premium and make sure that people impression about their brand is only the best.

Below you can see different design usage examples.

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