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Visual identity for real estate development - Case Study

// Problem and solution

Vivens 8

The client came to us with a plan to start a new real estate development project. They had some ideas and plans but they weren’t sure how to achieve them.

We started by doing our discovery session with the client to define the development & the new living environment core values and identify the main messaging points which would be suitable for the target market.

Our next mission was to create a meaningful name, exclusive-looking visual identity and also brand language for different marketing channels.


Vision & naming

Vivens 8 is a real estate apartment complex that is meant for people who want an enjoyable, spacious and modern home – where to live for a long time.

The developers goal was to rethink the living and create an environment that connects many different features and attractions like playgrounds, picnic areas, gym, storage rooms, parking spaces and much more – all needed in different stages of life.

Word “vivens comes from the Latin word “vīvēns” meaning living, being alive. Number 8 is based on the infinity symbol, indicating that homes created in this development project are meant for long-term living.

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