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Strategic branding consultancy focused on the real estate industry.
We are helping our clients to create exceptional brands that align with their customers.

Every business has different problems to solve and goals to achieve. And we understand that. That’s why our mission is to dig deep into every business and it’s core to understand the challenges and visions they have.

Our goal is to communicate your real estate brand or development clearly to the perfect customers using branding and design. With our working framework, we are able to find answers to different questions, create a way and produce exceptional results.

Some common problems that business can have in the real estate sector:
Agency needs a professional visual identity & online presence
- The brand needs to be attractive (for clients and/or job seekers)
- Property development needs to be perceived as a premium to ask higher prices
- Need to differentiate and stand out on the market

We are adding left-brained strategic thinking to right-brained creative problem-solving. This way we can create clarity between the marketing strategy, business objectives and creative parts of the brand.



Brand Audit
Brand Attributes
Brand Positioning
User Profiles & Journey
Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Messaging & Copywriting


Logo & Identity
Brand Style Guides
Marketing Collateral
Interior design elements


Website Design
Website Development
Landing Pages

MARGUS VEEBER | CEO & Brand Strategist

Margus is the founder and strategist of VeeberMedia. In addition to the branding, he also has more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry which gives him valuable insight into the field.

He loves everything related to entrepreneurship, branding, real estate and personal development. His ability to solve different creative problems mixed with good strategic skills creates perfect opportunities for exceptional brands, happy customers and long-term collaborations.

Apart from leading the consultancy, he loves to travel around Europe, drive great cars, read good books and spend time with his family.

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