MGV is a brand that offers many services in real estate industry. Their current brand was outdated and wasn’t attracting the right kind of clientele. In addition to this, it didn’t reflect their style and the commitment they have with their real estate development projects.

Their wish was to have three different companies (real estate developing, brokerage and investing) under one brand name to make sure that people recognize them within their scope of services and offers.


From the start, we knew that we have the right tools to help and change their brand.

To get to know the brand better and find answers to many important questions, we started with discovery part of our framework. We found out what MGV brand is about, how it should be perceived in the market, what kind of target market are they planning to attract and how to reach them. After the discovery, we created a roadmap that will help them to grow their brand and make sure that they are moving in the right direction.

After investing a lot of time into researching and creating a brand strategy, we started designing visual identity that will reflect their brand like it should be. As the result, we created a premium-looking brand identity that will help them to connect better with their target audience.


We created visual style & logo that they can use with different services which they offer.

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